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Learning to load indicators and templates in MetaTrader 4 and 5

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1 - After receiving the file, unzip it and copy the files with the extension ex4 and mq4 or ex5

and mq4 in the folder. (Download zip software)


2 - Find your MetaTrader installation folder according to the instructions below.



3 - Go to the path (folder) MQL4 and then Indicator and put the indicators with the suffix ex4 and mq4 or ex5 and mq4 copied in the Indicators folder.


4 - Turn the meta off once.


In these sections you can find your indicators. (Image tips above)


Template loading tutorial


After downloading and decompressing, you can load the desired template anywhere on your system according to the instructions below ...


Or you can download the file in the path

In MetaTrader 4: File - Open Data Folder —templates

In MetaTrader 5: File - Open Data Folder —MQL5 —Profiles-Templates

put .


If you have a problem or question, tell us in the comments section so that we can fix the problem as soon as possible.